Monday, July 24, 2006

Time For Nuclear Energy in Hawaii

Hawaii-based Dan Seto says it's time for the Aloha State to take a look at a nuclear reactor.

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Anonymous said...

Hawaii currently only has about 2.3 GW of generating capacity - about what two currently licensed reactors could produce. If a unit carrying half the load for the state tripped, it could cause the whole grid to collapse. The natives might get restless when that happens. Fewer eggs in more baskets might be called for when dealing with such a dinky grid. Smaller reactors like the 165 MW pebble bed would make more sense, but the NRC isn't close to licensing them or, as far as I can tell, the 10 MW Toshiba 4S reactor being considered for Galena, Alaska.

David Bradish said...

In 2024, you may begin to expect some pebble beds possibly making there way to the U.S. Hawaii could be the first state to build one.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii Constitution bans nuclear

Sorry NUKE HEAD not on my island