Friday, January 19, 2007

Polar Bears for Nuclear Energy

From the Detroit News:

Have a good weekend.


Brian Mays said...

Yay! Go polar bears! That's
Polar Bears 1
Al Gore (and producers, etc.) 0.

Midhusband said...

Greetings NEI Bloggers,

I was a sailor once, and used to sail along the California coast. On one race from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, I recall passing Diablo Canyon. It was a beautiful day and the containment buildings were actually pleasing to look at.

And then I noticed it…there were whales! Lots of whales! The whales were broaching in the warm water at the discharge. Perhaps it was coincidence. Perhaps the warm water resulted in lots of food and a happy place for those humpbacks. Given the absence of millions of tons of combustion products, and just some clean warm water coming out, I tend to believe the polar bears and the whales have it about right.

Keep up the effort.

A Nuke
A midwife’s spouse

Retired Navy Nuc said...

The cartoon could have been better: leave the sign stuck in the snow and have the "greens" jacket slashed and lying beside it. Then add the following line to the polar bear's statement, "..., so I ate him."