Friday, January 26, 2007

Vermont Yankee Gets IBEW Vote of Confidence

In Vermont, anti-nukes working to shut down Vermont Yankee probably don't face any tougher opponent than the union brothers of IBEW Local 300 Unit 8.

From the Vermont Guardian:

"I believe that the continued safe operation and maintenance of the plant by the IBEW workers is one of the items the NRC looks at," said Larry Smith of IBEW Local 300 Unit 8, which represents Vermont Yankee electrical workers. "While plant employees and families are supporters, there are also local businesses as well as other individuals that support the continued operation of Vermont Yankee. The groups that want to shut VY down tend to be more vocal than supporters and get more press coverage. But no matter what the outcome of the [upcoming] hearings or what the decision of the NRC will be, the members of the IBEW Local 300 unit 8 will continue to operate and maintain the plant in a safe and competent manner."
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Vermont Matters said...

I continue to struggle with the IBEW's endorsment of Obama. Why would anyone who works in nuclear power support Obama? I wonder if IBEW simply gives the nod to anyone who is on the Democratic ticket regardless of the issues affecting its membership.