Thursday, June 28, 2007

Exelon Announces Two Possible Texas Plant Sites

From the Houston Chronicle:

Exelon Nuclear has picked two possible sites for for a proposed nuclear plant both located southwest of the Houston area.

Illinois-based Exelon, which operates the largest number of nuclear plants in the country, is considering building a plant in Matagorda County or Victoria County.

If it goes forward the primary site is a 1,250-acre tract about 10 miles south of Collegeport in Matagorda County. The secondary site covers 11,500 acres about 20 miles south of Victoria in Victoria County.

Matagorda County is already home to the The South Texas Project, near Bay City. The owners of that plant is seeking to build two new reactors.

The proposed sites are needed to seek a permit allowing the company to build and operate a plant, should it go decide to build one.

Exelon said it expects to submit the application to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission in November of 2008.
UPDATE: Our friends at Exelon have shared a map of the designated sites with us. Click the image to enlarge:


Anonymous said...

Well, ten miles south of Collegeport, TX, is a great spot for fishing, but pretty wet for a nuke, except maybe a Wx floating plant.

Anonymous said...

Any word on what reactor they're thinking about?

Starvid, Sweden said...

Texas dash for gas+current and future US gas situation+new nukes=$$$!

Here's hoping for Mitsubisi 1700 MW reactors and government loan guarantees.

Yes, I am a shareholder. ;)