Wednesday, June 06, 2007

NEI Energy Markets Report (May 28th - June 1st)

Here's a summary of what went on in the energy markets last week:

Electricity prices were mostly increasing throughout the country. Prices experienced jumps greater than $10 in the East and Midwest (see pages 1 & 2).

Gas prices fell at the Henry Hub $0.05 to $7.60 / MMBtu (see page 4).

Uranium prices rose to $138 / lb U3O8 and $135 / lb U3O8 according to TradeTech and Ux Consulting (see page 7).

By 2011, the following amounts of new generating capacity are expected to start up:
39,000 MW coal; 46,000 MW natural gas; and 29,000 MW wind (see page 8).

For the report click here (pdf). It is also located on NEI's Nuclear Statistics webpage.

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shawrich said...

What is meant by MW for electric plant designation? Doesn't a standard electric plant deliver one million KW, or one thousand million, or one billion watts, one gigiwatt? If MW means one billion please let me know where it is defined, and how an average reader would know what is meant. A one MW wind plant only delivers 25% of a year; why not call it 0.25MW?