Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

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UPDATE: More from NAM Blog.

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Anonymous said...

There is a big frenzy for renewable power in Minnesota so I guarantee you those pushing for carbon taxes are also anti-nuclear.

The political climate concerning energy here is actually rather scary. Our state is full of environmental groups, that as far as I can tell, have both jumped on the renewable bandwagon and are anti-nuclear. Some may say they are neutral, but publish anti-nuke propaganda nonetheless.

We now have a renewable mandate of 25% by 2025. I was talking with a spokesperson for Great River Energy about this and we both felt this was dangerous policy. Keep in mind Minnesota also has a moratorium on new nuclear builds. Now we're taxing carbon? All we're going to get is more expensive energy.

But one thing I also wonder about. Doesn't all that renewable energy require back-up generation? So, doesn't the 25% renewable mandate translate into a 25% natural gas mandate? Or do people not understand how these things work?