Thursday, October 11, 2007

When Pro-Nuclear Readers Fight Back

Over at Gristmill, David Roberts is up to his nuclear energy-bashing best again, but this time, the readers of his blog aren't putting up with it:

Since Roberts is not antinuclear, it will no doubt be happy news to him that although no new power reactor has started up in 2007 in the USA*, its operating total has nonetheless increased from 103 to 104.


[Y]you recently posted an analysis of how to shut down nuclear power and fight climate change at the same time, and all the analysis included were % reductions/increases each year, except they weren't even exponential functions. A goal is not the same as a plan. What conceivable reason could you have to believe that there was useful content in this?
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Charles Barton said...

David Roberts is simply dishonest. He faithfully parrots the 1970's anti-nuclear line, never noticing that it is now 2007. I think he is a coal company stooge pretending to be a Green.

Kirk Sorensen said...

Hey Eric, there's an interesting discussion going on over here too: