Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Nukers Get Brutal Reception Online

I was just taking a quick look around the Web when I found a USA Today piece on the "No Nukes" revival that arrived in Washington today. If the comments that are getting left there are any indication, the aging rockers aren't having much of an effect on the younger generation:

Second Coming wrote: 46m ago
hahahahahahahaha rofl

"we will unite people who have never heard of us by screaming kumbaya to improvised riffs at concerts we expect a bunch of 60 year old's to show up at"

Madd Maxx wrote: 1h 28m ago
Baby boomers just hate to retire don't they?

Their energy would be better spent holding a concert for . . .
for . . .
for anything else. Several things need fixing in this country.

Hopped Up Harry wrote: 2h 24m ago
These guys are idiots.

Message to self important washed up rockers: Your fight was against OLD technology with your OLD music.

The world has moved on. And so should you.
More later.

UPDATE: More of the same at the Treehugger Video Smackdown.

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