Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPR on the "No Nukes" Video

Today on Morning Edition, NPR has picked up on the "No Nukes" music video that a group of aging rockers released a little more than a week ago. To the credit of reporter Elizabeth Shogren, she took plenty of time to feature an audio clip from NEI's rebuttal.

Elsewhere here in Washington, Bonnie Raitt will appear at a press conference on Capitol Hill this morning with Congressman Ed Markey. We should have a report later. More details, here.


Anonymous said...

"Aging rockers"? Maybe, but how about sticking to the issues? NEI senior management is getting a bit long in the tooth itself, as is much of the industry. Can't you rebut the activists without resorting to cheap shots?

David Bradish said...

Yes and it's coming.