Monday, October 29, 2007

Visiting a Swedish Nuclear Power Plant

While Sweden might have passed a referendum to phase out its nuclear generating capacity back in 1980, that hasn't stopped 3 million Swedes -- fully one-third of the country's population -- from taking a visit to one of the nation's nuclear power plants.


Karen Street said...

Is there some reason why more school trips aren't arranged to nuclear power plants in the US?

Stephen said...

There is a nuclear power plant near me which has something of a visitor center, but unfortionately, no public "tours" The best they can do is for groups and pre-arangements they offer a tour of the "training" control room which is a mockup of the real one.

I think it's a federal regulation thing. After 9/11 they posted M-16 toating guards.

It's sad, because I'd love to get a chance to see the reactor and such up close, but we live in a society where even getting a tour of the airport is going to raise some eyebrows. Oh well..