Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuclear Industry Verifying Safety Measures

The industry appreciates President Obama’s leadership during this difficult time for the people of Japan. Like the president, the industry recognizes that there is concern about the accident in Japan and is providing resources and expertise to help return the Fukushima plant to a safe condition.

The industry also recognizes that there are concerns closer to home. Reviewing U.S. nuclear power plants is an appropriate step after an event of this scale. Even before the industry can derive lessons learned from Japan, all companies that produce nuclear are verifying their capability to maintain safety, even in the face of severe adverse events.

An important aspect of this commitment is transparency in operation of our plants and inspections of our facilities by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The agency provides a continuous assessment of every U.S. reactor, with independent inspectors permanently on site and additional oversight from NRC regional offices and headquarters. Data from these rigorous inspections and assessments is posted on the NRC’s website for public review.

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