Friday, February 24, 2006

FuturePundit on Energy Week

Randall Parker took a look at President Bush's activities around energy policy this week, and he's written a review.

UPDATE: Jeff Goldstein has a different take:

The President’s recent alternative energy initiative, for all its talk of wind and solar power, has always been—in my opinion—about reopening the door to nuclear energy on a large scale by, in essence, forcing the hand of conservationalists and environmentalists who realize, though they are loathe to admit it, that wind and solar power (at least as we are able to harnvest those energies now) are simply not the answer for a world becoming increasingly more reliant on power.


Is the President being disingenuous, then, when he talks of Ethanol and wind power and clean-burning coal? I don’t think so; rather, he is willing to give proponents of those technologies the chance to make good on their optimism. But in doing so, he is also showing us that the need to begin the transition to a strong and vastly improved nuclear energy program IS our energy future—and this is the case, and MUST BE the case, no matter how many times the networks chose to run clips from Chernobyl or show The China Syndrome.
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