Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Treehugger Tackles Used Fuel

Treehugger took a look at used fuel reprocessing, and is keeping an open mind:

Nevertheless, the current efficiencies of most alternative energy processes suggest that the energy demands of the near future cannot be satisfied with windmills and wave power while maintaining (and spreading to developing areas) the standard of prosperity we enjoy today. Biofuels compete with foods and create a unique new set of ecological compromises. The nuclear question is back on the table in countries (like Germany) where existing facilities are reaching their age limits. It is good to know there are people out there working on better answers for the waste. And so what if it takes a decade or two? That is nothing compared to millenia.
For a look at NEI's position on the issue, which insists that the federal government take title and move used fuel as soon as is practicable, and that the nation still needs a used fuel repository at Yucca Mountain, click here.

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