Monday, February 27, 2006

NAM Blog Interview with Gov. Huckabee

Our friend Pat Cleary over at NAM interviewed Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on a raft of issues related to competitiveness, including energy policy:

On energy, he says we not only need to end our dependence on foreign oil, we need to end our dependence on oil, period. He favors research and development of new sources. However, in the meantime, we need nuclear, hydrogen, need to explore ANWR (he calls ANWR a political, not an energy issue) and the Outer Continental Shelf.

As for the future, he says the government needs to create the financial incentives for development of new sources. Government needs to create, as he calls it, "The 'Google' of the gas tank", the next big idea for energy. He says that like the race to space, government needs to challenge the country and needs to invest in the research to get it done. "Capitalism drives great decisions", he says.
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