Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Note on Copyrights and Fair Use

Recently, I've noticed that in our comment strings that a few folks have started to cut and paste full text articles from daily newspapers. While this might be common in an email discussion or a USENET group, the guidelines here are a little different as we require that our commenters respect copyrights.

So, if you want to include an article as part of a comment, please keep the concept of "fair use" in mind. In practice, that means you can excerpt a portion of an article, not reproduce it in its entirety. Fortunately for us, you can easily embed an html tag into your comment that points to a full text source.

Other than that, just keep your comments punchy, pithy and relevant to the post involved, and you'll be ok.

Thanks for listening.

1 comment:

Paul Primavera said...

Opps, I did that in the Braidwood / Byron / Dresden discussion. Sorry, Eric. Thanks for the warning.