Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Meet Roger Schlafly.

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Stewart Peterson said...

Got a question for you, Eric: what objective do you believe you're working towards by linking to these people?

I don't buy the standard response that you don't endorse the material you link to--at best, it's a miscalculation, since a statement that there are a lot of pro-nuclear fringe right-wingers (really the only reasonable conclusion one can draw here) is not the message we need to convey nor the type of strength we should try to project. Nobody forces you to link to sites about "defending the American patriarchy" and other offensive material--if Osama bin Laden endorsed nuclear power, would you link to him?

Is that material offensive? Absolutely. Sexism is about a command economy, period. Capitalists and businesspeople everywhere need to oppose measures that rob the economy of 51% of its workforce by accident of birth--nothing could be more anti-capitalist.

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