Monday, August 20, 2007

Senator Sam Nunn on Energy Security

Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn is apparently contemplating a run for President. And one of the issues he's concerned with is energy security:

Nunn singled out the debate over energy and global warming. Those most concerned with global warming won't consider nuclear energy as an alternative, he said. Those who advocate energy independence ignore the fact that there is "no analysis whatsoever that could lead you to believe we're going to be independent in this country on energy," Nunn said. "We'll have interdependence and security in energy, but people aren't talking about that."
If/when Senator Nunn decides to jump into the race, we'll keep an eye on his position on energy policy just as we have with other candidates.

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RightDemocrat said...

Sam Nunn has a strong record on energy and national security issues. I hope that Nunn runs and forces the other candidates to deal with the critical issues rather than just pandering to extremes.