Monday, August 27, 2007

India Raises Nuclear Generation Target

From The Telegraph (Calcutta):

The government is planning to raise the target for nuclear power generation to 40,000MW by 2030 from 36,000MW.

The Prime Minister’s energy co-ordination council had chalked out a plan to add 16,000MW of the power by 2020 and another 20,000MW over the next 10 years.

Vilas Muttemwar, the minister for non-conventional energy and a member of the council, told The Telegraph, “We now plan to increase nuclear power generation capacity to 40,000MW by 2030.”

The plans will, however, depend on the Left and the Congress-led alliance working out a compromise that will allow India to import uranium from Australia and Russia.

“We laid a lot of stress on nuclear power because it is clean power, does not pollute much and the plant load factor is high at about 80-85 per cent,” Muttemwar said.

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