Friday, August 31, 2007

Moore Gives DiCaprio's Movie a Thumbs Down

Dr. Patrick Moore of the CASEnergy Coalition has seen Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie, and he came away less than impressed:

DiCaprio’s movie, The 11th Hour, is another example of anti-forestry scare tactics, this time said to be “brilliant and terrifying” by James Christopher of the London Times.

Maybe so, but instead of surrendering to the terror, keep in mind that there are solutions to the challenges of climate, and our forests are among them.

This film should be a good, clear reminder for us to put the science before the Hollywood hype.
As a result of the piece, Moore was invited to be a guest on next Tuesday's edition of the Dennis Miller Show at 11:15 a.m. to talk about viable responses to climate change including the increased use of nuclear energy. To join CASEnergy, click here.

Don Surber has more.

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Moore Greenwash from Moore Nukes/Moore Coal/Moore Clear-Cut.