Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CPS Energy Endorses Nuclear Energy for San Antonio

From MySA.com:

The staff of CPS Energy on Monday strongly endorsed expanding San Antonio's use of nuclear power, recommending that the company's board support development of more nuclear generation.

Saying the city's needs for more power will be acute by 2016, a key CPS official said nuclear power is the least expensive answer to the city's growing need for more electricity.

"Nuclear generation costs appear to be the most reasonable over the long term," Mike Kotara, CPS executive vice president of energy development, said in a presentation to the city-owned utility's board of trustees.

"Our study shows we will require another substantial source of electricity around the 2016 time frame," Kotara said.

"We need to act expeditiously so we can keep our options open and not lose the window of opportunity."

Kotara recommended that CPS take on a partner to build a nuclear generator. The board took no action Monday, but met in executive session to hear more details about the staff recommendation.

"We aren't asking you to approve anything," CPS Chief Executive Milton Lee told the board in open session. "We think nuclear is the preferred option today. If you don't want us to consider nuclear, we won't."

CPS Energy is a partner in the South Texas Project, the nuclear power plant near Bay City.
Thanks to We Support Lee for the pointer.

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