Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pro-Nuclear Quote of the Day

From John Cole of Balloon Juice:

And I will say it again, even though it always rankles people. Three Mile Island was a success. It was not Chernobyl. It was not nuclear armageddon. No, that does not mean I am pining for meltdowns everywhere, but I think some perspective is necessary. While it damaged the reputation of the nuclear industry, no one was hurt. No radiation sickness. No spikes in cancer rates. It was a disaster, but it was a success.

Excluding nuclear energy from the possible ways to fulfill our energy needs in the future immediately makes you an unserious person, in my book.
Sorry I missed this last week.

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BTM1 said...

Problem is the public persists in believing that people who lived in the area suffered rare illnesses. One post I saw said that lawsuits claiming damage from TMI were settled out of court and no information allowed to be published. They said this was proof that the plaintiffs' cancers and other ailments were due to the accident.