Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweden Reconsidering Nuclear Phase-Out

While Sweden's Volvo might be having doubts about nuclear power, it seems like public opinion in that nation is turning against a previously approved nuclear phase-out.


GRLCowan said...

According to Walter C. Patterson, disapproving of the phaseout was not one of the options the Swedish electorate was given:

"Voters were asked to pick one of three 'lines'. But by this time all three 'lines' had formulated policies calling for the eventual phase-out of nuclear
power in Sweden: Line 1 after twenty-five years with completion of stations already on
order, Line 2 ditto with utilities nationalized, and Line 3 after ten years with no further
work on incomplete stations. The vote split 39 per cent for Line 2 and 38 per cent for
Line 3.

Brad F said...

According to Alo Tedin at the Greenby blog - follow the link at
- Line 1 was was actually a yes vote. He didn't provide a translation, but that was how he remembered his vote.