Thursday, January 17, 2008

Science Not Good Enough for Greenpeace

Here's a clip from Britain that demonstrates exactly what Patrick Moore was talking about when he explains why he left Greenpeace:

That's right, when it comes to Greenpeace and nuclear energy, the science doesn't matter. I guess it must be the hysteria.


Lisa Stiles said...

I really liked the persistence of the interviewers in asking the question several times, "Is there any science that would convince you that nuclear power should be part of the mix?" I wish the media in the U.S. would push that hard!

And the first answer Greenpeace's Kronick gives is positively priceless, "Well, I don't think science is what you should be looking at."

David Walters said...

I agree...a great way to poise the question. Well done...the person who answered "correctly" from the Tories should of mentioned what they were but he failed. So our side still has to get it across...