Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Meet Gandalf 23:

I've often said that we need more nuclear reactors in this country. Yes, I work in the oil industry, and yes, that would hurt the oil industry, but so what? We need cleaner power. We need power that is not dependent upon islamafacists and unstable dictatorships.
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Anonymous said...

I don't think increased use of nuclear will hurt the oil industry. Nuclear is used for baseload electricity production and relatively little of our petroleum-based fuel stocks are used for that. Unless large-scale electric substitution comes into play in the transport sector, petroleum fuels will continue to dominate that.

Where nuclear will make a difference is displacing the use of natural gas in utility operations. NG is a valuable fuel that is readily transportable using existing infrastructure and is well-matched to end use, such as space heating and fuel for cooking in homes and businesses. Better to use NG there than burning it in boilers or gas turbines.

If we go to a hydrogen-based economy then nuclear can contribute in the transport fuels sector as well. That is further off but the DOE NHI program has that as its focus and eventual demonstration goal.