Monday, October 17, 2005


... To all of the folks from around the country at test and research reactors for the information that they've passed this way about the ABC News "Radioactive Road Trip." In particular, Karen Miller of Texas A&M, Lefteri Tsoukalas and Jere Jenkins of Purdue, and Mike Whaley of Kansas State. It's clear that ABC News did your community a bad turn last week, and we'll keep following the story as long as we need to.

In the meantime, if you encountered any of the ABC News interns over the summer, NEI Nuclear Notes wants to hear from you. Just drop any of our contributors an e-mail, and we'll make arrangements to get in touch.

UPDATE: And a big thank you to Pat Cleary and all of our friends at the NAM blog -- click here for his latest update on the test reactor story.

UPDATE: Thanks to John Loy, guestblogging at Irish Trojan, for hearing us out.

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