Friday, May 12, 2006

Checking Out Potential Energy

Over in the U.K., the Institute of Physics has started a collaborative blog called Potential Energy, and its mission is to explore the debate over nuclear energy:

The Institute of Physics has commissioned three talented writers to explore the issues on all sides of the debate about nuclear new-build in the UK.

Over the next ten weeks new posts will go up everyday as the writers gather evidence and get to grips with the complex arguments.

The difference between this project and other online "debates" is that our three writers are doing a lot of the hard work. They'll be sifting through all the opposing arguments so that what you get to read are well-considered opinions, not prejudiced knee jerk reactions or spin.

So this is more than another discussion space. Our writers are acting as our guides through the morass of contradictorary information.
Sounds like an interesting exercise. I know I'll be watching, and I hope our readers will be too.

For a look at all of our U.K.-related posts from our archives, click here.

UPDATE: PE contributor Caspar Henderson is wondering out loud about our old friend Amory Lovins. As I'm sure many of you might recall, we've looked at his work before and found it wanting.

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