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President Bush to Visit Limerick Nuclear Generating Station

He'll be at the plant tomorrow to give a speech on energy policy. Stop by here tomorrow for details.

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gunter said…
Speaking of limericks, I couldn't resist:

There once was a president named Bush
Who hurried to war in a rush
His latest decision
Is safe nuclear fission
He’s talking right out of his tush!

There once was a fool who said oil
Has definitely gone off of the boil
We must rather go "newkular"
For a safe and clean future
And poison the air, water and soil.

There once was a moron from Maine
Who made a preposterous claim,
He said nuclear fission
Was his number one mission
To keep us safe, healthy and sane.
Ken said…
While I recognize that it is bad form to discuss other forum participants directly, I've noticed that gunter has recently given up any pretense of actually discussing the topics and has taken on the personna of a Troll. Most recent posts have been either political (Bush bashing), incorrect (abandoned reactors in Vietnam) or completely off topic. There are plenty of other places on the web for that stuff.
Paul Primavera said…
Well said, Ken.

One could easily make up as many nasty limericks about RFK Jr.'s current opposition to nuclear power (e.g., Entergy's IPEC facility) and his drug addiction two decades before (which is immaterial):

<,_Jr. >

Or how his cousin Rep. Patrick Kennedy recently crashed a car in Washington, DC at around 2 am in the morning while under the influence of prescription medication and is now re-entering rehab.

< >

Ad hominem attacks are easy, and both left and right wingers lose.

The point is that the right wing has supported big oil and big coal, and the left has opposed nuclear power, and BOTH are therefore to blame for the war in Iraq.

Mr. Gunter forgets that when he points one finger at someone else, three of his own point back at himself.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

And one last thing:

VOTE LIBERTARIAN and kick the right wing oil / coal oligopolists and left wing eco-nuts out!

< >
Brian Mays said…
I'm just glad that gunter didn't mention anybody from Nantucket.
Anonymous said…
Well, since Gunter started it, I guess two can play that game...

There was a goofball named Gunter,
Who was simply a one-note wonder.
He hates everything nuke,
Which proves he's a kook.
In this we can't be any blunter!

Gunter says nukes are bad.
But in their place he has nothing to add.
Wind and solar miss the mark.
Gunter freezes in the dark.
But perhaps that isn't so bad!!

So let's raise a dirge for old Paul,
He really hasn't a clue at all.
Nukes will clean up the air,
For the environment we'll care.
With clean energy at low cost for all!!!

(See, others can use exclamation points too.)
Eric McErlain said…
A helpful note from the Editor: Please keep your comments germane to the topic we're discussing. We've been fairly lenient here when it comes to standards, so please act responsibly and police yourselves.

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