Thursday, May 25, 2006

For Our Readers in the U.K.

Take a look at Supporters of Nuclear Energy.

Also, over at Potential Energy, the debate over future nuclear build in the U.K. continues, with Gia Milinovich outlining the areas where she's going to be concentrating her efforts:

  • What Is This Radiation Stuff Anyway And Is It Really All Bad?
  • Safety- Zero Risk or Safe Enough?
  • Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Power- How Green Is Green?
  • Public Perception- Why Does Nuclear Get Such a Bad Rap/How on Earth Can Anyone Think Nuclear is a Good Idea?
  • Energy Conservation- An Absolute Necessity or Plain Stupidity?
As I'm sure you might suspect, I have answers of my own, but please stop by Potential Energy and share your own thoughts.

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