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Nuclear Energy Industry Transitions

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has begun integrating EPRI Solutions’ technical personnel and laboratory facilities into a unified EPRI organization. This process involves the following management changes:
• Joe Bugica, currently managing director of marketing, will become vice president of marketing.
• Rob Chapman, currently managing director of global technical advances, will become vice president of technical advisory services.
• Hank Courtright will become senior vice president of member services. He will continue to serve as vice president of EPRI’s environmental sector until that role is filled.
• Norma Formanek, currently vice president and general counsel, will become senior vice president and general counsel.
• Kevin Evans, currently senior vice president and chief business officer, will become senior vice president and chief financial officer.
• Mike Howard, EPRI Solutions president, will join EPRI as senior vice president of research and development.
• Arshad Mansoor, EPRI vice president of engineering, will temporarily assume the role of acting president of EPRI Solutions.
• Ted Marston, senior vice president and chief technical officer, will retire June 5.

General Dynamics has elected L. Hugh Redd senior vice president and chief financial officer, effective June 1. He will succeed Michael Mancuso, who is retiring. Redd has been with the company since 1986, most recently as vice president and controller of General Dynamics Land Systems.

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP has elected James Rishwain chairman and Stephen Huttler executive vice chairman. Rishwain is a real estate partner in the firm, and Huttler is the current vice chairman.

The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Co. has selected Kevin Wright as director of its new supply and trading division, effective June 1. Wright currently manages the supply and trading group at the Imperial Irrigation District, a southern California public power utility.

William Magwood IV has joined Energy Resources International Inc. to provide strategic advice and analyses regarding new nuclear power plants, advanced nuclear technology development and U.S. energy policy. Magwood is the former director of nuclear energy for the U.S. Department of Energy and past chairman of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Steering Committee on Nuclear Energy. He also was the founding chairman of the Generation IV International Forum.

Doug Ray has been named associate laboratory director for the Fundamental Science Directorate at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He replaces Steve Colson, who is retiring this month. Ray will continue to serve as chief research officer until the lab finds a replacement.

Hitachi Ltd. has elected Akira Maru vice president and executive officer. She also has become president and CEO of Power Systems Group, replacing Shigeharu Mano, who has retired. In addition, Shozo Saito now is senior vice president and executive officer of power systems business, production technology and power technology. She had been senior vice president and executive officer of production and power technology. Both changes were effective May 1.

Harry Mandil, 86, died of cancer April 27. After serving as a naval officer in the Bureau of Ships during World War II, Mandil was chief of the reactor engineering branch in the Atomic Energy Commission’s Naval Reactors program. He helped develop, design and apply nuclear reactor cores and associated equipment for the propulsion of submarines and surface ships. He also participated in the development and design of the Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the world’s first commercial-size nuclear plant for electricity generation, a demonstration of President Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace program. In 1964, Mandil helped found MPR Associates Inc. to provide engineering services to industry and government, with particular emphasis on nuclear and fossil-fueled electricity generation. He retired as principal officer in 1985.

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