Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Taking the Nuclear Energy Debate to the Blogosphere

One of the things that has made contributing to NEI Nuclear Notes so enjoyable has been seeing the way the debate about nuclear energy is developing in the blogosphere. Yesterday, I told you about how one Aussie environmentalist was challenging the current orthodoxy in the environmental movement about nuclear energy. Now here's an Aussie blogger, Peter Campbell, that wants a more public debate:

We need to have a genuine debate on whether Australia should embrace nuclear power or not. We need a debate in the federal parliament so we can see and hear what our politicians'’ views are and what they are based on. We also need to see how they are representing their constituent's views.

We need an independent scientific and social enquiry to assess the pros and cons of nuclear power based on factual information, not just opinions, which the Australian public can read and assess. This enquiry should take public submissions.

Then we need a referendum that asks Australian voters whether they support increased uranium exports, investment in nuclear power over renewable energy technologies, and whether they agree with Australian becoming a dumping ground for other country's nuclear waste.
While he might be an anti-nuke, this is just the kind of debate that nuclear energy professionals should embrace. Stop by Peter's blog and let him know what you think about the issue. Thanks to our friend Rod Adams for the pointer.

On the other side of the world, the U.K.-based Institute of Physics has officially launched their own blog, Potential Energy (we jumped the gun last week), that they hope can serve as a vehicle for public debate in the U.K. over nuclear energy. One of the three bloggers they've hired to moderate the debate, Gia Milinovich (who BTW, has an incredibly cool gig on the side), had this to say about the launch over at her personal blog:
None of the writers on the project are nuclear experts, yet all of us have an open mind about nuclear power. Over the next 10 weeks I invite all of you in the UK (and elsewhere, of course) to come along, engage in the conversation and let your voice be heard. So far everyone commenting on the site is pro-nuclearÂ… are there any anti-nuclear people out there?
As we can attest, there are plenty of anti-nuclear people out there -- it's just that pro-nuclear energy supporters are refusing to be silent any longer. Again, be sure to stop by and throw your two cents (or pence) into the debate.

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