Tuesday, May 09, 2006

McCain Backs Nuclear Energy Again

From The Auto Channel:

Bob Gordon writing for The Auto Channel reported that Senator McCain in his speech at the opening session of the clean cities congress restated his belief that nuclear power is the key source for our nation's long-term, emission-free power generation.

Nuclear is vital he said, because he has personally witnessed the clear evidence of the impending threat from global warming and the consequences to our children and grandchildren.
To download the audio from the speech, click here. For two of our previous posts on Senator McCain and energy security, click here and here.

UPDATE: Here are a couple of passages from McCain's speech:

“I firmly believe that nuclear power is a key technology for addressing climate change. As we develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we simply cannot ignore this emission-free technology. While there are other sources of low- or zero-emission power sources, they simply do not have the power density to match that of nuclear power plants.”

“The idea that nuclear power should play no role in our energy mix is an unsustainable and, frankly, irresponsible position, particularly given the urgency and magnitude of the threat posed by global warming. … I strongly believe nuclear energy can and should play and even greater role … for the very simple reason that we must support sustainable, zero-emission alternatives such as nuclear if we are serious about addressing the problem of global warming."
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