Monday, May 22, 2006

Just the Facts...

Here's a recent announcement over at Potential Energy that cheered me:

Hello everyone,

I'm responsible for moderating the comments that get posted here. Please note that from now on I will only approve comments that attribute the source of any figures quoted.

Samuel Rae

Outreach Officer, Institute of Physics
That's the general rule we follow here, and I'm glad to see Potential Energy doing the same. As always, be sure to stop by and contribute to their debate, and be sure to come with your reference materials.

UPDATE: Here's a post where we need some of our supporters to take a stand -- a discussion about decommissioning costs. Once again, we have a case where the clean-up costs from the U.K.'s nuclear weapons program is being lumped together with decommissioning costs for commercial nuclear reactors. Please stop by, and, as always, keep your contributions factual, and back up your conclusions with links to online sources.

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