Friday, May 19, 2006

Vietnam Nuclear Update

Earler this week, we told you about Vietnam putting together a financing package to build that nation's first nuclear power plant. Now there's news that Japan is ready to help train plant personnel, and Russia wants to build the plant.

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Gunter said...

Actually, this would not be the first nuclear power plant in Vietnam.
US armed forces abandoned a battlefield nuclear generator at the end of the American War.

Paul Primavera said...

What exactly is WRONG with Vietnam using nuclear power for its energy needs? The more that small countries relieve themselves of dependency on fossil fuels and embrace the atom, the more prosperity they will have, and the less willing they will be to jeopardize that prosperity with acts of war.

Ken said...

Could someone confirm gunter's comment? I know the US army experimented with developing a battlefield nuclear generator but I've never heard that one was ever deployed overseas.

Ken said...

Maybe I just answered my own question (at least to the extent you can trust Wikipedia). According to the article there were eight US Army reactors and several were deployed outside the US (Antarctica, Greenland, Panama Canal) but no mention of Vietnam.