Monday, June 12, 2006

Blair Minister on Board with New Nuclear Build

I'm talking about Gordon Brown, the U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister Tony Blair's presumed successor.

And speaking of Mr. Blair, he's pushing on, regardless. Click here for more from the Financial Times.

UPDATE: Chris Whiteside likes what he hears:

Just to emphasise the point, to achieve the scale of impact to cut carbon emissions which the overwhelming majority of scientists now think is necessary, we need to reach for every available option. That includes energy saving, "burying" carbon to stop it getting into the atmoshere, making much more use of renewable energy, and replacing our present nuclear reactors with a new generation. There is not a cat in hell's chance that the UK can achieve significant overall reductions in carbon emissions without at least maintaining the 20% of our electicity generation which is currently carbon free because it comes from nuclear power.

I have heard it suggested that one question mark over new nuclear build may be future question marks about the long-term security of supplies of uranium. This may be an issue, but would you rather rely on Putin and Gazprom ? I think not.
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