Wednesday, June 28, 2006

German Utility Mulls European Markets for New Reactor Build

Unable to build nuclear capacity at home due to a long-standing moratorium on new reactor build, German utility E.On may is looking to build reactors elsewhere in Europe:

Additionally, [E.On Energie Chief Executive Johannes] Theyssen confirmed E.On's interest to build nuclear power plants in foreign markets.

The company has already sent a letter of intent to the Romanian government stating its interest to participate in the construction of two new nuclear reactors in Cernavoda as a strategic investor, Theyssen said.

At the same time, Theyssen said, E.On is monitoring the Dutch market, where nuclear power is being reconsidered as an option, and the U.K. where the government is in favor to build new nuclear facilities, Theyssen added.
I have to wonder if Germany may wind up importing electricity from abroad, generated by reactors they refused to build at home.

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Rod Adams said...

I think that Germany already imports electricity from France, which is obviously generated in nuclear power plants.

Brian Mays said...

Indeed, that is the case. Germany does import electricity from France.

Look at Italy for the classic example of what is going on. They shut down their reactors after Chernobyl, and now, they import more electricity than anyone. Much of it comes from France.