Thursday, June 15, 2006

Giuliani Energy Speech Still Generating Buzz

The speech former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave earlier this week where he endorsed new nuclear build is still generating some buzz. Here's Stanley Crouch from this morning's edition of the NY Daily News:

But as the calls for diversification from John McCain and Rudy Giuliani seem to prove, the time may have come for something different. So we could see the elephants removing their trunks from oil barrels and seeking out the most up to date and environmentally safe means of energy independence! Who'd of thunk it?

All of this means that ethanol, nuclear energy, hybrid cars and anything else that will get the hands of Middle Eastern nations out of our pockets may be much closer than we might have imagined.

This shows that an alternative energy policy could be a fundamental issue in the forthcoming presidential election, so much so that the candidate who has the most insightful sense of that energy strategy could take the White House.
This isn't the first time Crouch has advocated expanded use of nuclear energy either. Click here and here for items from our archives.

For more, visit The Bernouli Effect and Don Singleton and Norris McDonald.

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