Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Environmentalist for Nuclear Energy

Running the risk of the man who invited him to contribute to his blog, environmentalist Greg Dinnio is ready to give nuclear energy a chance to help constrain greenhouse gas emissions:

Compared to the very real risk of catastrophic global climate change due to our current reliance on fossil fuels, is nuclear power really that dangerous? New nuclear reactor technology, several generations ahead of the designs we commonly know, are reportedly simpler, safer, and more efficient. With the new generation plants, the likelihood of a Three Mile Island or Chernobyl is ostensibly nil, and the statistically insignificant risk of serious problems is nothing compared to the myriad documented health problems resulting from burning coal, oil, and natural gas to produce our electricity.


Granted, there are too many cultural, environmental, and cost hurdles to make nuclear power a global warming panacea, but as one component of the future energy generation picture it certainly warrants consideration.
Welcome aboard, Greg.

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