Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Latest Nuclear Stats - February 2007

For all you stat gurus out there, I'm going to begin periodically posting new and updated statistics as they come out. Here you go.

Electricity Demand
According to EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2007, forecasts show that the United States will need an estimated 40 percent more electricity by 2030 (xls). In terms of capacity, the U.S. is projected to need an additional 292 GW by 2030 (xls).

2005 Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases
According to EIA, U.S. nuclear plants avoided 36% of all reported emissions avoided in 2005 (pdf). This is more than any other category in the program.

Nuclear Waste Fund Statistics Q1 FY 2007
As of December 31st, 2006, total ratepayer commitments to the Nuclear Waste Fund are $28.938B.


Stewart Peterson said...

What data does that chart actually reflect?

David Bradish said...

Million metric tons of CO2 equivalent reductions in EIA's Voluntary Program.

Stewart Peterson said...

What exactly is a reduction?

David Bradish said...

Any way to reduce, sequester or avoid GHG emissions. Read the report (pdf) for more info.