Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Indie-Filmmaker Answers Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth

Ruth Sponsler has found a recent college grad who isn't afraid to take on the conventional wisdom being spouted by Al Gore on nuclear energy:

Robby Tinker, an Oberlin College graduate and indie filmmaker, has teamed up with a physics prof, Dr. John H. Scofield, to do a film. It's Robby Tinker's first production.

No, it's not not one of those old filmstrips about inclined planes, gravitation, or the derivative of velocity.

The film is a documentary sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. Robby Tinker believes that an acceleration in use of nuclear energy is one of the best ways to effect a large-scale displacement of CO2 emissions. Dr. Scofield makes cameo appearances in the film, which is titled The Nuclear Option.
If you're in the Washington, D.C. area, you might want to think about catching one of two local screenings this weekend.


Carl Glick said...

It is my great hope that the conversion and use of nuclear waste as another form of energy supply, will be developed and implemented soon. There are just too many states in the USA saying, "Not in my backyard!".

Julien said...

I live in Paris, France. The movie seems very interesting and I would like to see it.
Is there anyway I can see it form Paris ?
Thanks for your help, and congrats for this work.

Robert said...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for posting this - I just kind of stumbled upon this blog in a google search.

Julien- Right now the film is being entered into several film festivals and in the next year you'll hopefully be able to get a copy from Amazon.com or whereever.

Carl-My film does look at reprocessing/recycling and Fast Reactors. I interview Phillip Finck who works at Idaho National Labs - the leading facility in our country that is just now restarting the efforts to develop a Full Nuclear Fuel Cycle. (This has been shut down since the Three Mile Island Accident)

With regards to the "Indie-Filmmaker Answers Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth" title of this blog - I actually sent a copy of the movie to Mr. Gore two days ago and I'm really interested in his reaction. I do think Al Gore is doing important work in talking about efficiency and conservation, but think that you have to address the energy production side of the problem too.

Well, I guess I've said enough. Thanks for your interest.


Anonymous said...

I´m from Spain. I would like to see the movie. When it will be possible to see in Internet?
I think nuclear power will help to solve some problems in the future.

crispi said...

ey hi!
Im really looking forward watching the movie, but i dont know how? where can i get it?? Ive already looked for it in amazon and im not able to find it! helppp!!
I dont think id find it in any store in my country (Spain)
thanks you very much