Monday, February 12, 2007

Citigroup Issues Study on Climate Change and Investment Strategy

From Marc Gunther:

Climatic Consequences, a 120-page report from Citigroup analysts Edward M. Kerschner and Michael Geraghty, ranges far and wide to look at the investment implications of climate change. Kerschner is chief investment officer at Citigroup research, and an influential voice on the street. So this report is a sign that Wall Street, along with Washington, is waking up to the threat of global warming.

That’s significant: If investors begin to calculate what global warming could mean to their stock portfolios, corporate America will take notice—and adapt.


Some of the stocks they highlight won’t please environmentalists. The Citi analysts are bullish on utilities Constellation Energy, Entergy and Exelon which operate nuclear power plants, which don’t emit carbon dioxide.
Click here for a copy of the report. For an interview with Kerschner, click here.

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Brian Mays said...

Oh, let's be honest. It's not the "threat of global warming" that Wall Street is worried about. It's the threat of legislation related to global warming that has them concerned.