Friday, February 16, 2007

STP Sets Another Generation Record

Off the wire from the South Texas Project (release not available online):

For the third consecutive year, the South Texas Project nuclear power plant led the U.S. in electricity production by two-reactor facilities. STP’s total generation in 2006 was 21.37 billion kilowatt-hours, setting another record for the facility.

In addition, 2006 was the third year an STP unit has led all 103 reactors nationwide in production. Unit 2 operated continuously all year and generated 11.22 billion KwH. Its output was the third highest of the 442 reactors worldwide as well as highest in the U.S. STP Unit 1, which was routinely shut down 34 days last year for refueling and maintenance, generated 10.14 billion KwH. Despite the outage, the unit still ranked sixth in the country and seventeenth globally. It was the U.S. production leader in 2002 and in 2004.
Congrats to the team at STP for a job well done.

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