Monday, September 04, 2006

AREVA Exec Makes Forbes List of Most Powerful Women

Anne Lauvergeon, Chairman of AREVA, makes the list at #8.

For the complete list, click here.

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GingerMary said...

Seems no one is cheering her? Come on guys out there - how about some comments and congratulations?! All I want to say is "You go girl!!" Perhaps you can come and join your subsidiary here in Africa, namely Lesedi Nuclear to make some waves in the African Nuclear industry. Oh sorry ...forgot we don't have one..Well we can perhaps use you as our next president. The position is vacant..

Brian Mays said...

Uh ... I thought that pointing out on this blog that she had made the list is a form of cheering her.

She is more than just the chairman of AREVA. She really formed the company out of several French companies over half a decade ago. Now it's a company that is very bullish on nuclear.

She beat out the first lady, Laura Bush, president wanna-be Senator Hillary
Clinton, and all of the media folks (e.g., Oprah Winfree and the
various news anchors).