Tuesday, September 05, 2006

President Bush Touts Nuclear Energy In Labor Day Speech

President Bush delivered his Labor Day speech in Piney Point, Maryland yesterday, and on the way there he passed over the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant:

You know, we flew over -- coming here, we flew over a nuclear power plant, and it's a modern, safe plant. In my judgment, this country ought to continue to expand nuclear power if we want to become less dependent on foreign sources of energy.
Nuclear power is safe; nuclear power is clean; and nuclear power is renewable. And so, what I'm telling you is, and what I want the country to understand is, is that technologies -- technologies has enabled this work force -- this union to have a more productive work force -- technology is going to enable us to become less dependent on oil. And we've got to continue to pursue technologies.
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Michael Stuart said...

I was at Calvert Cliffs for the first time this Labor Day.

Although I didn't notice Air Force One flying over, I did notice the many fishing boats that were gathered off-shore in front of the station. It is noteworthy that a power station that has prevented so much atmospheric pollution also provides such an attractive environment for marine life.

While eating a lunch of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs on the way home, it was comforting to think of how much less mercury is in the bay due to Calvert Cliffs' clean contribution to the region's energy supply.