Friday, September 15, 2006

More Nuclear Energy on the Horizon for Europe?

Over at TCS Daily, Evgeni Morozov seems to think so:

Two key arguments have emerged to support the revival of nuclear power. The first one holds that as nuclear power is the most Kyoto-friendly source of energy, its total share in energy production should grow and eventually replace carbon-intensive coal and natural gas. This argument has a lot of supporters in Western Europe who want to promote clean energy without placing any unnecessary burdens on the economy (i.e. to avoid Kyoto-style targets).

The second argument holds that nuclear energy can help lessen the EU's dependence on natural gas, and by extension, Russia. Generating nuclear power requires uranium, but most of its reserves are concentrated in friendly places like Australia and Canada and this would not create the same inflexibility as importing gas or oil from Russia or the Middle East. Obviously, this argument carries a lot of weight in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Sounds a lot like what we've been writing here since last January. Thanks to Sharp and Sound for the pointer.

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