Monday, September 11, 2006

Greece Nuclear Update

Bulgaria is putting Greece on notice that they won't be exporting quite as much electricity in the very near future:

Bulgaria has warned Greece it faces an energy shock after the EU acceding country shuts two of its nuclear units next January.

Economy and Energy Minister Rumen Ovcharov announced Sunday that due to units 3 and 4's shutdown, brokered under EU pressure, the Bulgarian export of energy will drop drastically from current record 9 billion kWh to 1,5 billion kWh, Rumen Bahov from Darik News reported.

In this situation Greece will appear in a very grave situation, as it meets the country's needs with energy bought from Bulgaria, Ovcharov explained in Plovdiv, while officiating a renovated substation in the second largest city.

"I have warned my Greek colleagues that due to the coming closure of units 3 and 4 of Kozloduy nuclear power plant, Bulgaria will be unable to sustain its current energy export," Minister Ovcharov told journalists.
As we've seen before, this concern isn't limited to Greece and Bulgaria.

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