Thursday, April 07, 2011

Here Comes Tomorrow

Guenther_h_oettinger_2007Interesting discussion between Der Spiegel and German Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger:

SPIEGEL: If Germany permanently shuts down the seven oldest nuclear power plants it has taken off-line pending the results of the stress tests, will it lead to bottlenecks in Europe's energy supply?

Oettinger: At the moment, there are some concerns in Belgium because turning off the seven German power plants has made it hard to control the grid. But when it comes to the greater European energy supply, these seven nuclear power plants aren't crucial. They make up about 8 percent of Germany's energy market and just under 2 percent of Europe's. Still, the German moratorium will place a greater burden on coal and natural gas for some time.

Not crucial, but enough to destabilize the grid and “place a greater burden on coal and natural gas.” Happy, happy times in Germany. Read the whole thing to give Oettinger his full due.

Günther Oettinger

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